Facts still exist.

a Trump surrogate on CNN recently said: “There’s no such thing, unfortunately, anymore as facts.” And our President-elect lies and misinforms the public without compunction. Reality has a way of asserting itself, whether one believes in it or not. Science still recognizes facts. The question is how much damage will be done by people in … Continue reading Facts still exist.

Green Party leadership works against their own platform

My vilification of Jill Stein and Green Party voters has nothing to do with thinking the Democratic Party has any claim to Green Party voters (something these voters often say to me). It is about the lack of effective leadership in accomplishing their platform. I just read through https://www.greenparty.org/Platform.php There are about 100 bullet points in … Continue reading Green Party leadership works against their own platform

Will the media serve us better when the Republicans try to kill Medicare?

Republicans often try to convince us that economic concerns force them to kill Medicare, but there is little evidence for this. It is more efficient than private insurance (which has to make a large profit) and since Obamacare, Medicare outlays per beneficiary have risen only 1.4 percent a year [Krugman, NYT]. Paul Ryan has repeatedly … Continue reading Will the media serve us better when the Republicans try to kill Medicare?

FBI Director v. Hillary

Instead of investigating Russian hacking and attempts to influence our election, Comey decided to join them in trying to tip the balance for Trump, without any evidence of wrongdoing. Why doesn't he hold a press conference and describe how the FBI is investigated Trump's former campaign manager's ties to the Ukraine and Putin? Surprise, surprise … Continue reading FBI Director v. Hillary

An Ethical Life

My primary interest is in leading an ethical life. The first step is too think deeply about what you want. A good life is a good life among other human beings. I must see and respect the humanity in others if I want them to treat me as human. (inspired by Fernando Savater)