New way to fund space exploration

Given how the Media, Congress, and various Government agencies have reacted to Trump falsely accusing Obama of tapping his wires, I have a new idea for funding our space program.

We get Trump to tweet something like:”Obama turned the moon into green cheese. Will destroy tides and crops. Evil.”

This could happen because Trump can easily find proof on the Internet; I found this:
On April Fool’s Day 2002, NASA claimed to have “proven” once and for all that the moon was made of cheese by releasing a photoshopped image with an expiration date printed on one of its craters.

Trump will provide no evidence, but the Media and Congress will obsessively investigate. Scientists will unanimously agree that it is not true, but Republican politicans do not believe in Science anymore so that will not matter to them. Congress declares we have to get to the bottom of this.

And the only way to do that, is to send someone to the moon and see if she can eat the moon with crackers.