Who do you believe, Spicer and Conway or your lying eyes?

In only 3 days, the White House has made it clear they will conduct a disinformation and propaganda campaign and try to neuter the free press. They spent the first press briefing lying about crowd sizes, knowing their lies could be easily disproved by anyone looking at the aerial photos.

In his second brief, Spicer was lying about massive voter fraud in November. He essentially stated (without any evidence beyond debunked conspiracy theories, and even Speaker Ryan disagrees) that there was (according to Trump) a massive multi-million member criminal conspiracy to fraudulently cast votes.

Now, being the Government, he has to explain why nobody at any level of Government has launched a criminal investigation against this vast criminal enterprise, and how local/county election officials came to be part of this crime wave, because they are certifying their elections as valid and claiming no significant fraud exists. (It was so much easier just to post malarkey on websites or at Trump rallies than to present it as the belief of the US Government Executive Branch.)

It is starting to look like they (Spicer, Conway, Trump) don’t care about not having credibility. Conway is going all in with 1984 “newspeak”. They must think they are powerful enough to overwhelm our nation’s narrative with lies and propaganda, neutering the free press, and they don’t need credibility if they can force their narrative down our throats.

So far the jury is out — the Press is not defending itself well, but is starting to realize they have to learn new rules for a new era. So there is hope. On the other hand, Trump may continue to develop better attacks as Putin shares his techniques that destroyed the Russian press.
The real casualty here is our country, as our Government will lose credibility with the rest of the world.

And should a time come for using significant military force, a White House with no credibility will be a problem.