White House attacks on truth and the free press

We need to view the White House’s [Trump, Spicer, Sanders] attacks on truth and the free press as a war on our country and its basic principles, not as some entertaining standup routine in a Biggest Liar reality show that will someday evaporate and leave the US with the rule of law back in place.

from Bret Stephens’ NYT op-ded:

“the news media ought to take care not to underestimate the threat it faces from this White House.

On the other side is a president who believes in none of this [truth, facts, free press] … and who knows the power of holding the media accountable to its stringent standards and holding himself accountable only to his own. (…Trump’s notion of truth is whatever he can get away with, at any given moment, for any given purpose.)

How do you shame the shameless? You can’t. But you can at least deny him the right to shame you. Something to consider over at CNN.”