Some data for the gun debate

The graphics in the Vox article show what an outlier the US is regarding guns. I especially note the Gun Ownership vs Gun Death graphic. [despite the “gun death” label, clicking though to the source, this graph is of the gun homicide rate (i.e., does not count suicides).]

On the plus side, this phenomenon is only a small part of the US. Nearly half of all guns are owned by only 3 percent of the adult population [2016 study reported in NPR and all major outlets].

Switzerland is second in gun-homicide rate at about 1/4 of the US rate, but several states including 5 New England states (one of which is NY with 20M people) and Hawaii are far below Switzerland, with MA less than half of Switzerland and lower than many European countries. (and another dozen states, including California with 40M people, are only slightly above Switzerland).

All the highest gun homicide rates are in deep red states. Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Wyoming have gun death rates about 5x that of MA.

So, not all of us live in gun-violence dystopias, but the red states sure send our national averages off the charts.