Grow a spine or stay out of jail?

Meuller’s indictments showing Russian money flowing to the GOP thru the NRA brings up something I have been wondering about.

Perhaps the problem is not that “Republicans need to grow a spine” [7/18/18 NYT editorial] but that many GOP congress folk took NRA money that may have come from Russia and also got Russian help with stolen DNC material about their own opponents — note this sentence from Meuller’s recent indictment: “An unnamed congressional candidate reached out to Russian intelligence operatives posing as a hacker named Guccifer 2.0, seeking dirt on their opponent.”

Several GOP congressional candidates benefited from the DCCC hack, but what if they were actively seeking this stolen information (in cooperation with the Russians)?

Are GOP congress persons siding with Trump because some of them did the same thing and they are trying to keep themselves from going to jail?