Please stop repeating the falsehood that both parties gerrymander about equally.

Here is an easy math explanation of why about 80-90% of the gerrymandering comes from the GOP. To enact an extreme gerrymander, one party needs to control both the legislature and the governorship. For the 2010 redistricting, the GOP (after the tea party wave) had complete control of 40% of House seats, while the Dems … Continue reading Please stop repeating the falsehood that both parties gerrymander about equally.

GOP war on science?

The GOP tax bill makes grad students pay thousands of dollars a year in taxes on "income" they never receive so that the rich can pay less. I guess this is consistent with their anti-science stance. Trump canceled the White House Science Fair, appointed a radio talk show host as the Dept of Agriculture’s chief … Continue reading GOP war on science?

Some data for the gun debate The graphics in the Vox article show what an outlier the US is regarding guns. I especially note the Gun Ownership vs Gun Death graphic. [despite the "gun death" label, clicking though to the source, this graph is of the gun homicide rate (i.e., does not count suicides).] On the plus side, this … Continue reading Some data for the gun debate

Do the New Optimists have a point?

Long and thought provoking article on the New Optimists in The Guardian: Saying we are doing considerably better than 200 years ago is a weak argument. That happens to be the 2 centuries during which we invented all this wonderful technology, electricity, computers, cars, better/cheaper clothing and shelter, etc. Yes, we managed to use … Continue reading Do the New Optimists have a point?

Facts still exist.

a Trump surrogate on CNN recently said: “There’s no such thing, unfortunately, anymore as facts.” And our President-elect lies and misinforms the public without compunction. Reality has a way of asserting itself, whether one believes in it or not. Science still recognizes facts. The question is how much damage will be done by people in … Continue reading Facts still exist.