GOP project of governing from the minority continues unchecked

The GOP project of governing from the minority continues unchecked by the majority. A president who came in second in the vote of citizens gets his historically unpopular judge approved by senators who represent 44% of our population, with senators representing 56% of our population finding Judge Kavanaugh unfit for the highest court. [1]


Clearly the GOP senators did not care whether Judge Kavanaugh lied under oath, or whether Dr. Ford’s accusations were true (otherwise they would have let the FBI gather the evidence). It would seem they no longer want a judge who objectively applies the law, but want a partisan activist like Judge Kavanaugh (see his role during the Clinton presidency).  They know he will be a partisan activist for their side, which is all that matters to them. That he does not tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, after swearing to do so, does not matter to GOP senators or the White House. Only poor people get prosecuted for that.

Thanks to Michael Tomasky (NYT 10/6/18), we know that 4 of the 5 GOP justices were confirmed by Senate majorities that represented a minority of voters. The percentage of population represented by all the Senate YES votes:  Kavanaugh 44% (50 senators), Gorsuch 42% (54 senators), Alito 48% (58 senators), Thomas 48% (52 senators).  

By comparison, SCOTUS justices nominated by Democrats have never been confirmed by such narrow margins. Of the four current liberals, all received 63 votes or more, from senators winning and representing clear majorities of the voting public. [Tomasky]

The Supreme Court clearly represents a minority viewpoint as it turns to political activism.