Upside-down things about the US

(1) The 27 countries of the EU have had a more uniform and far more successful response to the coronavirus than the 50 states of the United States, despite all 50 being in one country.

(2) The US President has built walls, banned travel, and stopped immigration to keep people out of our country, but his stewardship of the US has our allies banning travel from the US to their countries as US citizens have become one of the biggest public health threats in the world.

(3) The richest and most technologically advanced country in the world somehow came up with one of the worst (if not the worst) responses to the coronavirus in the world. Rwanda (surely one of Trump’s shithole countries) had their first diagnosed cases on March 14 and in late June had 2 deaths and 572 cases. Rwanda used drones to get the advice of medical experts to remote villages to stop the spread, while the US was using White House briefings to downplay the threat, spread misinformation and encourage citizens to ignore the mask and distancing recommendations (which were requirements in other countries).