Hillary and the higher standard she must meet

written: September 2016

Hillary was praised for her bipartisan work as a US Senator, and generally praised for her work as Secretary of State while she was in office, including by GOP senators. Hillary was the most admired woman in the USA 2 years ago. And still is the most admired woman in the whole world, as she has been for over a decade. All that changed in America is the GOP and right-wing have redirecting their attacks and misinformation from Obama to Hillary.

Why does Hillary have to meet a standard that is many times higher that what George W Bush (private email server, Bush Family foundation) or Donald Trump (Trump Foundation) has to meet? Why is doing so much good through her Foundation a negative? Hillary doesn’t brag about her foundation’s good works, and dishonest GOP presidential candidates tell outrageous lies about it, that sadly people believe and the media propagate.

Email Servers:
Bush and Cheney conducted White House business on a private email server and then destroyed 22 million emails without EVER turning them over. Bush Whitehouse email server. That is Hillary times 10,000 and the Bush emails were likely to have discussed torture and telling untruths to get the Iraq war started — far more serious issues than anything Hillary had in her emails. And the Presidential Records Act makes it far more illegal. So why is only Hillary being selectively prosecuted for far less?

The Clinton Foundation.
Carly Fiorina, while a GOP presidential canditate, lied to the country that only 6 percent of its revenues go to good works. The actual (very high) number is 88-89%, according to indepedent charity watch dogs (eg charitywatch.org), and the Clinton Foundation gets charitywatch.org’s highest rating for best value for your donation, ranking them higher than the Red Cross for where to give. It is an exemplary foundation, saving tens of thousands of lives (eg AIDS medicine). The GOP implies that somehow the Clintons profit from it, but neither Bill, Hillary, or Chelsea take a salary or funds — they donate their time to save lives and do good work.

Compare that to the Bush family foundation, which also gets hundreds of millions per year, pays for Bush family stuff, and does nothing near the world-wide good (but it does pay for high school football stadiums in Texas and the Bush libraries). The Clintons disclose their donors, the Bushes do not. And the Trump Foundation buys artwork for Trump and pays his lawsuit settlements.

Charity Watch rating of Clinton Foundation

Guidestar rating  Guidestar also gives the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation its highest “Platinum” rating. http://www.guidestar.org/profile/31-1580204