FBI Director v. Hillary

Instead of investigating Russian hacking and attempts to influence our election, Comey decided to join them in trying to tip the balance for Trump, without any evidence of wrongdoing.

Why doesn’t he hold a press conference and describe how the FBI is investigated Trump’s former campaign manager’s ties to the Ukraine and Putin?

Surprise, surprise — he has a completely different set of rules for how to treat Hillary than how he treats anyone else under investigation. Evidenced by both his unprecedented press conference when he decided there was no prosecutable case, and his unprecedented attempt to interfere with the election at the last minute.

Friendly pundits explain he had to do it because Republicans are criticizing him for doing his job and he could not take the heat so violated DoJ policy to avoid  criticism after the election for doing his job.

Or perhaps: he’s been trying to bring down Hillary for 20 years now, since the Senate Whitewater Committee hired him as special counsel to find dirt in the first Clinton witch hunt, and he  is having trouble standing by while Hillary succeeds.

Just another example of Hillary being held to a higher and harsher standard than Republican males.