Green Party leadership works against their own platform

My vilification of Jill Stein and Green Party voters has nothing to do with thinking the Democratic Party has any claim to Green Party voters (something these voters often say to me).

It is about the lack of effective leadership in accomplishing their platform. I just read through
There are about 100 bullet points in it, and Clinton is superior to Trump on every single item where one of them has taken a position (I could have missed something as I skimmed through quickly).

Major categories: Economic Bill of Rights, Universal Health Care, Fair Elections, Environment, greater Democracy, progressive Taxes, Human Rights, Criminal and Civil Justice Reform.

Every single one, Clinton’s positions, both as stated and as acted on in her career, are far closer (as in night vs day) to the Green Party position than are the positions/actions of Trump/Ryan/McConnell (e.g., the latter two want to cut Social Security, kill Medicare as a health insurance program, and favor making it hard to vote).

Even though I favor most of the Green Party platform, by running Jill Stein they are doing everything possible (short of supporting Trump) to make sure their platform does not get enacted. The Green Party’s behavior in presidential elections lessens its chances of accomplishing its goals, and the GOP no doubt appreciates the Green Party’s help.

I realize that to some Green Party voters, how their vote makes them feel may be more important than the consequences of their vote. That is their right.

But I expect the leadership to pay attention to consequences and the future of our planet. Instead of running, Jill Stein should have told party member to enthusiastically vote for Clinton if they wanted to see progress on their platform.

Yes, the Democratic Party had no claim to these votes, but any effective leader of the Green Party should have done everything possible to convince party members to vote for Clinton.